First Year Sessions

Type of First Year Sessions

Big Baby: 3-5 Months 

Many photographers avoid this age but I think it’s a beautiful age to photograph. This is the age they start to smile, have great eye contact, find their toes and master tummy time. I do recommend the session happens once your baby has enough strength to lay on their tummy while holding their head up. Baby should be comfortable to hold their head up while on their tummy for around 5 minutes at a time. This gives another pose variety to your session instead of doing most of the session with the baby on their back. All babies reached this milestone at different times but I found it best once they are 3.5-4 months old. If your baby takes a little longer that’s okay, we can wait until they do.

Sitter: 6-10 Months

These sessions are perfect for parents wanting to capture their baby half birthday milestones but are open to babies of any age as long as they are SITTING UP on their own (7 months is highly recommended) all the way up to 1 year. Most babies start to sit when they are 6.5 months old, but some little ones take a little longer, so if you are booking months in advance, we suggest booking this session closer when your baby is closer to 7 months old to avoid canceling your session if they are not sitting unassisted. If you are completely set on half birthday milestones at 6 months and your baby is not sitting yet, I do have props, beds, and crates to help them sit and hold on to.

Cake Smash: 10-13 Months

Be sure to book your cake smash session 3-4 months prior to your desired session date to ensure availability.

This session comes fast! And sometimes the baby is moving fast by this time as well. At this age, your toddler will be interacting, smiling, moving, and many other unpredictable things which sometimes leave even parents in need of a nap. We will document that infectious energy and charisma that brings so much light to your life. Consider scheduling this session a little before their birthday at 10.5-11 (or 23) months to get those party invitations out. Typically for one-year-olds it’s good to do it right before their first birthday, they may be able to stand without assistance but they aren’t yet running away from us.

Your session will be completely styled and includes items from our baby closet that are full of goodies for your child to wear during their session. We also have props (beds, buckets, chairs) and wooden toys for your little ones to play with that fit our classic style. All cake smash sessions are shot on a white or cream backdrop or at a local park field. With your little one dressed in our clothing for the birthday portraits, you will receive timeless and classic portraits that will be fawned over for decades!


****prices are subject to change without notice. to lock in current pricing your non-refundable retainer booking fee must be paid in full. ****

a non-refundable retainer booking fee of  $200 is due at the time you book your session to your hold date and time on my calendar and will be applied to your session total. the remaining balance is due at the time of your session.

DELUXE | $850

40 Digital images
2 backdrops/3 outfits
20×20 Framed Print

CLASSIC | $650

20 Digital images
2 backdrops/2 outfits
20×20 Framed Print

SIMPLE| $450

10 Digital images
1 backdrop/1 outfit
20×20 Framed Print

*cake smash disclaimer- since food is provided parents must sign an allergy waiver stating if the baby has any known allergies. If the baby has an allergy we can provide a dairy-free cake or alternative food smash (pancakes, donuts, spaghetti, tacos).


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