Flash Sessions

Snow Days Christmas 

Only $59!!

Flash Sessions are random theme minis that pop up during the year. Aside from the traditional minis we offer. These are basically fun sessions that isn’t a high demand but we want to offer it anyway. Flash Minis have the same amount time as our regular minis but an even lower price with just a few images and less time.


WHERE: Rosevelt Center 

WHEN: November 3rd

COST: $59 – includes 10 minute session and 3 digital images

Detail: Your session fee is non-refundable. Each slot allows for up to 2 Children. If there are more than 2 Children you MUST sign up for 2 sessions, no expectations. 

We do not reshoot sessions if you are late, or your child is fussy for reasons beyond OUR control.


Do I have to meet for a viewing?-No! you will have an online gallery to view and purchase your photos!

Does Pure Baby Art Photography have all the props? We have almost everything in the photos. You are welcome to bring any prop you think would add to your portraits!

Do you provide the outfits?-No!! We ask that everyone comes dressed and ready to shoot!

What will the images look like?– My style is very clean, simple, minimal, vintage, etc…. so my set-up will reflect this. Take a look at the above images.

How many photos will I get to choose from? – That depends on several factors. All kids have good days and bad days. I will take a ton of photos and will do the best to get your little ones to smile. Parents often help a ton with this.  The shooting time will be around 15 mins long so that gives us plenty of time to get several shots and different outfit changes! Depending on the child our goal is to get anywhere from 10-15 photos for you to choose from!

Can I purchase more than 3 images?– Yes! If you see more than 3 images you love. You are welcome to purchase more.

What age is best?– Babies MUST be sitting or held by an older sibling. If you are determined to have photos of baby alone baby will be on its back, belly or in a prop.

I have more than 2 children what do I do? -Flash Minis are only priced for 2 children. You will have to book another time slot for a third-fifth child. No expectations. You will receive additional images and session time to get individual and groups images of everyone.

Can I change my appointment time after signing up?-YES! But there is a $25 appointment transfer fee. You will have to email us to change your appointment.  No Refunds. Transferable amount of $50 only good for regular mini sessions if unable to reschedule for another time in this event.   No shows will get ZERO credit. You must call within 72 hours to be able to transfer or receive your in-studio credit!

Here are some tips to maximize your shoot:

* Do NOT schedule around nap time
* Plan to arrive 5 mins early to have your child acclimate to the surroundings.
* Come dressed and ready to shoot!
* Kids should be fed and well rested.
* Have soft snacks nearby to help. Avoid chocolate or any foods that can stain faces and clothes.
* Have Patience

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